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Link to the official web site to download mIRC

Install and setup of mIRC

The IRC Picture Gallery

List of servers and their home page locations.

Star Link official web site.

Ice net official web site.

Dal net home page.

Undernet home page.

MIRC setup Hints.

Setting up the LOGGING feature in mIRC

  1. Hit the file drop down and press Options and look for the tab for Logging
  2. on the left side you will see two check marks.

-) Channels

-) Private Chat

  1. Channels will log everything you say on every channel you go to.
  2. Channels will also auto log the status window so you can check it out later.
  3. Private Chat will log everything you say on any private chat window
  4. If you highlight a particular log you have the choice to view it or delete it.
  5. If you do a lot of channel surfing you might want to check and delete the logs you don't want. They have a way of adding up after a while.

If you talk to the same person the log for that person will just keep getting bigger it will not create another log for the same nick name.

How to set up the notify list in Mirc.

The notify list is used to see if a particular person is on a server.

1-) Hit file then options.

2-) Hit the tab marked notify list

3-) Type in the persons nickname exactly as spelled in the nickname area.

  1. You can type in a small note about the person if you like in the note section.

4-) Make sure the notify check box above the name list is checked.

5-) Make sure the Pop up notify list on connect is checked on bottom.

Then hit the OK Button.

Log on to the server and the nick names you placed on your list will come up if they are on line.

If no one on your list is on line. You will get a message in you status window telling you: No one in your notify list is on IRC.

If you want you can check the box perform whois on connect. This will perform a whois when you start up.

This option is good but if you have a long notification list it might get confusing, with all this information coming down the screen at once.

Try the other options and find the ones that work the best for you.