Business Services Log

Consultants, web developers,
on site training and troubleshooting.

    Any question from what kind of computer do I need? To what the internet is all about? I cover it all.

    I am available for hourly visits to answer your questions about all windows operating systems. On site visits are limited to weekends and weekday evening.

Web Page Design for business or personal use.

    If you would like your business on the Internet but don't have the big company budget, we can put together a professional looking web site without the professional cost.
    Working along with you we can put together a well thought out and easy to navigate web site that will have the ability to be viewed by anyone with any browser. It seems to me that a lot of web developers are getting away from web sites that have all the right information in an easy accessible way. To sites with state of the art technology that either doesn't work or is hard to navigate, and in some cases will not work with older browsers. I welcome the new technology and am looking forward to using it myself, but don't like to clutter up web sites with too many components.
    You will have the option to have me maintain the web site or teach you how to maintain it yourself. Cost of updates and changes are minimal because the main site is running.


My business is based out of Bozrah, CT. The area that I cover is  approximately a 25 mile radius around Bozrah. Service calls outside of my area are subject to mileage charges and expenses.

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